Bộ điều khiển van tuyến tính – Nhập khẩu van công nghiệp

Bộ điều khiển van tuyến tính – Nhập khẩu van công nghiệp

Limit Switch Box


GKS-100 series of the general-type limit switch is a remote control for the valve device of the signal through the switch valve to show the work of the state of the valve.

  • Beautiful And Rugged Design
  • Mechanical Switch Contacts And Close To Two Optional
  • 4 Species Stand In Line With The Namur Standard To Connect
  • Bolt Off With The Top Defense Will Not Fall Off In The Open Bolt

Mô tả

Limit Switch Box

Technical Specifications

Enclosure Protection

 Weather Proof, O-Ring Sealed

Ingress Protection



 Epoxy-Polyester Inside

 And Outside Against Corrosion

Area / Gas Group Class



 2-SPDT Mechanical Switch(Form C)

Cable Entries

 2- PT 1/2

 (Option 2- NPT1/2, 2- M20x1.5)


 8 Or 12 Nos Of Terminal Strips

 (6 For Switches, 2 For Solenoid Valve Power)

Position Monitoring Indication

 Dome Type 0°~90°

Switch Rating

 16A 1/2HP 125/250V AC, 0.6A 125V DC, 0.3A 250V DC

Mounting Bracket

 Stainless Steel According To VDI/VCE3845, NAMUR, SS1, SS2,                         As Standard